Aki Hanami 2013

Every year, we always try to take pictures with the blooming Sakura tree near our place :D This year, I had to try again before it rains!

Pictures from last year on 13th April… Wow the blossoms are 10+ days earlier this year! :o

Does Aki look a little more mature this year?

I think she’s still stunning of course! ;D


Ah, not very adventurous with poses this time (oops)

At least Aki did not face plant this time! :P

Borrowed wide angle lens from husband for some of these photos :P

So magnificent, despite some lens distortion :P

A bit sad that the Sakura blooms don’t last very long, especially with rain in the forecast ;_;


Thanks for looking! ^o^/

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Oh Aki looking pretty nice this year too! How I wish I had cherry blossom near me, I always think Dollfies + cherry blossoms are an awesome combination as proven by these pictures.

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