Micro Mini Doll Meet 2014

Hung out for a day with Cocoon B. and Hinokit – haven’t done that in years o_o;

I brought Ebichu (mini Mamachapp) and Aki with me, and Aki managed to borrow a bunch of wigs and clothes and almost like she had her own fashion show while the light lasted LOL

Poor Ebichu got bullied LOL for a couple crazy otakujokes videos… check here and here :P

Basket which Ebichu is in is from a Volks outfit set I think? (belongs to Cocoon B.)

Cocoon B.’s beautiful Memory (beautiful name too!)

So first, Aki tried this fluffy wig XD with a beautiful Love Sprung outfit :D

Below is a Volks wig which looks adorable on Aki!

And then looks like we picked an outfit which we had seen before during our past meets lol Aki looks so cute in it!

Time passes too quick when we’re having a good time ^^; Before we know it we had lost decent light :P Below is a beautiful outfit by MilkDoll ^o^ not pictured is a very detailed apron which we didn’t put on mostly because this top and skirt deserves to be featured rather than covered by an apron XD

Cocoon B. took this most lovely photo of Aki ^o^/ please check out her flickr for more photos if you like ^^/!