Summer in yellow

Catching up with a piece of work I am making for PrettyCranium :)  Sorry to have kept you waiting ^^; Glad I finally got to it!

Below is the first test piece, and the pattern was still being tweaked at this stage. I did not use the fabric chosen for the dress also to be sure I can tell them all apart later ^^

Himitsu is quite pleased that she will get to keep this dress as payment :P

Test dress version 2, made the straps differently from first version, the under part of the straps is lined in white, same with the bodice.

Back of the dress is fastened with dolly velcro.

Full back view

was intending to add the ribbons on the shoulder seperately, but since I want to try to make the straps a bit thinner, I decided to leave the straps plain and keep this one.

Love how the skirt part is so poofy :)

Really like this candid photo of Himitsu ^^

Today I got to work on the final version. I have to be very focused or I will make stupid mistakes which waste time and probably cause damage to the fabric of the item ^^;

For this final version I lengthened the bodice a tiny bit :P

Also added the ribbon bows since it’s the final version ^^

Want to make some variation of this design too ^^

Love the summer feel :)

Must make one to keep…

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