In this entry I will talk a bit more about the items available at Blythe Con Portland this coming Monday, 20th June 2011! I am sharing a booth with Yuki, killertomato of

I am reporting live from Portland at the moment (Woohoo)! First impression of Portland is that it’s a very beautiful city and I want to live here :P

I will be taking cash only but for Canadians attendees, I welcome CAD in the same amount (only if you don’t mind)! Please have exact amount ready for a faster transaction, and be warned I may not be able to break a $100 bill.

As seen below, there are 7 designs available, all of the dresses close at the back with doll velcro, except for Baby Sailor dress which close in front with a pair of clear snaps. Prices are right at the bottom of this entry ranging from 20-35 USD/CAD)

1. Sailor boat bib

2. Cherries on top

3. Vintage inspired

4. Pastel drops on brollies

5. Tea cup dress

6. Sailor fitted

7. Baby Sailor

For sale at Blythe Con only! Prices are in USD/CAD.

1. Sailor boat bib – $20

2. Cherries on top – $30

3. Vintage inspired – $35

4. Pastel drops on brollies – $25

5. Tea cup dress – $25

6. Sailor fitted – $30

7. Baby Sailor – $35

Friendly advertising: My roomie Bluestarbaby is a vendor as well, please support her items at the Blythe Con! XD

Omake pix!

11 Responses to Blythe Con Portland – 20th June 2011

  1. JuleBear says:

    Your clothing is stunning! Beautiful fabrics, too. What a lot of sewing you did!
    Would you let me know, pls, where to order some of the stands? (I’m in Canada, but can order from the US)


    I can’t wait to meet you!!


  3. kiralovesdogs says:

    hey the baby sailor dress looks like the one Mokotan wears.

    • chun says:

      Yup :D The one Mokotan wears is the first version, the sleeves were a bit short for my personal preference so I adjusted it for the latest pattern :)

      • kiralovesdogs says:

        oh thats cool. i wish i could attend but i’m going on vacation soon will have to attend next year!

  4. mrsmarks says:

    Wow- they all came out so perfectly! Lots of luck at the con- I hope you have a great time!

  5. Annie says:

    Such cute little dresses

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