Mirin and Nyanko

First off, I want to thank Mai and her sister for kindly help me sell my sewing at the doll show! I heard that the items were sold out (wah!) and I am very very grateful to those who went to buy them, I hope to prepare early/more items next time (*^_ ^*);;> Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Took Mirin and Nyanko to a doll meet on Saturday, and managed to take some outdoor shots of them :D It was cloudy at first and turned into a gorgeous  sunny afternoon ^o^/

At the meet, Nyanko scored a lovely necklace from bluestarbaby ^o^Matches her outfit so well!  Thank you so much!

The hair band is by bluestarbaby too ;P I bought it at the last Doll meet ^^/

Skirt she’s wearing is a test version, I will probably tweak it a bit :3 it uses quite a lot of fabric when I cut it this way ^^;

Lovely Mirin came with me today, there’s another Dollfie dream, a fair skin DDH03 this time :D

Mirin actually borrowed somethings from Himitsu ;P LOL Can you guess what they are? :P

Ah some of the photos appear a bit washed out when I look at them now :P (oops!)

This last photo is a gem of the lot :3

Thanks for looking! ;)

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! :D I think she looks good in pink too ^o^ blue seems to wash her out a tiny bit :3 And Mirin was definitely happy to be out ^o^

  1. kittymoon
    kittymoon says:

    Fantastic dolls and so realistic pictures ^^

    Where do you find this kind of doll??thanks for your answer, I’m falling in love ^_^

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