Taiga hunts for spring

It was a lovely Saturday! Taiga was weather appropriately dressed so I grabbed her out last minute for potential photo opportunities :3

We went to hunt for some spring blossoms :3 Ironically these trees are planted along the side of a carpark/side walk next to some busy roads, rather than a park ^^; The “SUPER BORED” signage look so striking, had to take a picture of Taiga in front of it :P

Soaking up some mild sunshine :3 It was still rather chilly tho ^^;


You can tell which parts of the trees get more sunlight by the extent of the blooms :D

It was also windy and rainy time to time, so some of the blooms are already on the ground…

We went to Minoru park for a little bit but unfortunately didn’t see any blossoms ^^;

The grass area was a little wet, so I didn’t really make any exciting or adventurous posing ^^; Or maybe I am out of practice lol!

This is one of my favorite shot of the day! :D

After the photo sessions, we went to get some groceries, but before that we went to have bubble tea :D Below are a couple nice photos from my husband’s iphone 5 ^o^

Really nice effects by an app called Kitcam :3

Thanks for looking :D!

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  1. Annie Robichaud
    Annie Robichaud says:

    Your pictures are beautiful ! It won’t look like this before months here !!! There is still meters of snow over here !

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