Ebichu at Steveston Winter Market

Ebichu came along in my bag when we went to see if we could buy some Honey, unfortunately the booth wasn’t there this time, we couldn’t get what we wanted (oops)!

End up checking something else out ^^; and took some pictures around in the cold lol…

Tried some samples from this booth called Cannele & Honeybun :D Bought a couple ^^;

These are what we bought :3

The Winter Farmer’s Market is held indoors, in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, but unfortunately the heating and insulation wasn’t very good, as the building is a heritage building. So it was basically as cold indoors if not colder o_o; Felt my nose running as we walked around… ^^;;;;

Initially I was curious about the figurines, until I realised what it was demonstrating (yikes!)

There’s some miniatures showing process of canning etc…

Canned shrimps?

Lots of cans… Lots and lots of cans…

Not sure what these are…

Can you tell someone’s having a bit too much fun with the clips… ^^;



Messing around :P

Can’t wait for when it’s warm enough to visit the Farmer’s market when it’s held outdoors again! Thanks for looking! ^^/

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