Himitsu and Taiga crashed a Blythe Halloween party yesterday XD

It was a super long day, we had to get up early, get to ferry terminal (Kind thanks to my friends for picking me up and dropping me off after!) we had to take a 2 hour ferry ride to Victoria, then have another couple of kind friends drive us for about an hour to the meet venue ^^;

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Requesting dollfie owners who had acquired sewing pieces from me with flickr accounts, to consider adding your dollfie dream musume’s photos wearing puppy love to the Flickr group :)

You will need to send a request to join and you’ll usually be added in 24 hours or so.  Reason I set up the need to request is I want to prevent non related spammers.  I wanted to host images on my website but felt that if in case the owner wish to change the picture or remove pictures they can at least have their own freedom to do so if it’s just adding/removing on the Flickr group :3

If you do not want to join flickr, I can also host your image on my flickr and post it on the flickr group if you like, with a link to your website or contact.  But this will be done manually and may not show up or happen immediately.


Thank you once again for your interest and support!

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