Micro Mini Doll Meet at Patisserie Fur Elise

Another micro mini meet (very last minute lol) decided kinda the day before I think? XD

I brought Paw and Mai brought her custom blythe ^o^/

I had something to hand to Mai and we went to check out Patisserie Fur Elise.

The tea service was hosted upstairs. ^^/

Quick snaps from where we sat at, we could stay for 2 hours ^^.

Starter dessert :9

Our tea pots came with a little hourglass timer to let us know our tea is ready ^o^

The little bird tea leaf catcher is so cute!

Love Mai’s custom girl’s lips <3! And the hair and eyes has many lovely details ^o^!

Peekaboo! Kawaii <3! I have to ask Mai what’s her name O_o

Oops, should have framed the blythe chan in better >_<;

Dessert on top tier of our afternoon tea set (there’s two of each item as the tea set was served together for both of us), the server kindly explained to us what each of them are before we started ^^ They were all yummy, and not too sweet, goes well with the tea :)

Bottom tier, savory section :3 I liked all of it except for the jam in the middle, I think there’s ginger in it and I wasn’t a fan of that :P

My favourite savoury item was the wild mushrooms quiche! :9

When we were done, we went to check out the pastry store section at the ground floor. I asked for permission to take some photos :3

Overall, the experience was nice, the place is clean and nicely decorated. My husband was remarking that it looks very girly! XD  I would say it’s a little pricey, and I wish there’s a little more choice with the menu and tea, but I guess we were also paying for the environment and atmosphere? I definitely had a lovely time hanging out with Mai that was priceless! ^o^/

Omake: When I stepped out of the skytrain station, we bumped into some people handing out pink balloons XD

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