A  suddenly sunny break in the afternoon got me moving my dollfie dream girls together to take some photos!

I was thinking to myself, 4 seems to be a good number so far, since I’m already having a bit of trouble to get them together looking natural ^^;

There hasn’t been any real temptations so far other than having a need to save some $$$ for 2010.
I’m a bit worried about the White Album dollfies being a big temptation, but so far I do not have a strong want/need towards them… Or at least not for the preview ^^;

I’m actually very happy I made the plunge to get/make Himitsu chan, cos after adopting her, my dollfie dream family felt more complete :)

She decides that she likes cosplaying :P She was hoping to enter for the Otacool cosplay ^^;

The twins enjoying some sisterly love time :P

Narcissus plant makes a special appearance…

Himitsu, being the “youngest” of the lot, probably need a bit more attention from me ^^; I actually noticed I do not have a lot of photos of her ^^;

Omake: they’re all facing the window where the light is coming in lol!

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41 Responses to Dollfie dream family photo 2010

  1. chibinezumi says:

    great family photo! you have it covered twins, teen, and naughty childlike teen! I love Taiga’s boots! so cute ^^ the twins look very grown up next to Himitsu and Taiga. The blue eyes and brown hair suit Himitsu well.

  2. FatB says:

    Cute knee length bow leggings. Or if you put them on Taiga, full size leggings ^^;;

  3. Outsider says:

    mmm i see why you’ll have Himitsu there :3c

  4. Wolfheinrich says:

    The wig on Himitsu goes well with the face mold!

    • chun says:

      After realising that brown looks great on her, I had to hunt for a shorter (easier to maintain) wig for her XD Luckily this one works very well :)

  5. Kiwira says:

    all are gorgeous :D !

    With Himitsu-chan now into the family , it looks more complete as a family photo ^_^

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