Aki’s surprise adventure

As always, the tutorial for how to make the Santa’s hat can be found here :D

Due to various reasons this year we were super burnt out, and somehow found our way to the land of the rising sun for a short trip not too long ago ^^; – for a hit and run vacation, mind you ^^;  The trip started off quite rough due to some health related problem on my end (argh) among other things, but you know it wasn’t too bad as our love of Japan made us enjoyed it no matter what. Came back slightly recharged despite still suffering from jet lag. ^^;

It’s also winter in Japan, but due to me flying in from Vancouver, which was about 10 degrees colder (brrr) I felt quite warm when I got to the airport ^^; I didn’t wear as much as the other people on the streets I think. Also indoors is usually quite toasty, I end up usually just wearing a tee shirt especially by the time we walked around a bit. ^^;

Aki next to a HUGE toastbox on display lol

Aki next to a lovely Christmas tree :D I actually had to dress Aki (while hiding her in a large tote bag) into the Santa’s outfit due to that she was wearing something else when I took her out, the trouble was worth the few photos I managed to take next to it — it suddenly got quite windy and the rest of a lot of my photos were blurry =_=

By now I think I was quite ready to keep Aki into my bag, you can see that her hat is flying in the wind in the picture below! o_o

One of the places to check out again is definitely Volks Tenshi no Sumika of course! I managed to buy some small things and also book a time to take some photos on their display setting ^^

Aki can’t wait to go in! :3

The staff at Volks always make nice spaces for photos with your Volks dollfie! ^o^ I’m glad Aki is appropriately dressed for the occasion! :3

Aki is so photogenic! :D

Mmmm fan service lol

The sleeves can be taken off for a different look too ;)

Aki invites cute small dolls to sit on her lap ;)

Have a candy ;D

Santa Aki managed to deliver the Mirai Maid uniform to one of the new smart dolls :D

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :) that Santa suit was a test run before a set I made before for ebay XD the girls get to keep it and I use it for references if I need to ^^;

  1. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Is there a pattern for the outfit as well, or is it a company made item? Also, what is a ‘smart doll’?

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