Winter wonderland – Season’s Greetings!

By the time this entry is posted, the snow probably may have mostly melted, since the forecast for the next day and onwards is rainy… ^^;

For those who are interested, Aki’s wig is from Kaleido ^^/

I was a little late on the day when the snow freshly fell, so my photos didn’t turn out too great unfortunately, ran out of light too quickly ^^; Had to use high ISO for photos ^^;

The bokeh effect from evening light is really nice tho :)

And of course there’s usually the obligatory face plant =_=; This picture is taken after the face plant into the snow — luckily first snow is usually soft and fluffy and we were at a spot which isn’t dirtied by dogs yet :P

Okay no more standing on tall places :P

Freezing our bums off :P

During my shoot, some doggies came up to sniff at Aki :P a bit scary but luckily their owners called them away ^^;

Aki sat next to a spot near some light :3

Can we go back now?

Next day! Daytime is definitely better for photos ^^; unfortunately a lot of the snow on the trees melted/fell off ^o^; But then green, red and white still looks great :)

The little flecks in the photos is possibly some tiny flakes of snow maybe…

Same pose = “warming up shots”…  XD

Huu Huu Huu….

No evening light bokehs, but still looks cool no?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Omake: Ebichu and Bearbear made a brief appearance :P on our patio lol

Last photo of the evening of the first day: Snow man was made by some kids in our neighborhood :P I stuck the eyes and nose back on XD

Next day’s mug shot XD

4 replies
  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    Hahaha, I was wondering if she was freezing her bum off! XD Poor girl needs some leggins!

    And awww, Ebichu’s little outfit is so cute! Did you make both of the outfits?

  2. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    I want snow tooooo!!! :3333 Aki is so pretty ^^ I didn’t made it for my Christmas set this year >_< I'm still on the test dress U_U no accessories either….next year!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Aww! I know how it is tho ^^; doing a set is very time consuming =_=; over the past few years I have learnt not to do sets on holiday as we have a lot of family activities going on and I may not be able to meet the dateline set for myself o_o; Ganbatte ne!

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