Taiga, Winter 2013

Dragged Taiga out with me when I went to run an errand on my Strida Mini bike today ^^; It was a magnificent day, rather cold but not windy, so I can bike out after bundling up ^^; Taiga obviously isn’t pleased about the cold tho :P

I haven’t taken much outdoor dollfie photos for a while and felt somewhat out of practice ^^;

This is a good opportunity despite that there isn’t much new clothes for my girls ^^;

The sky is so blue and clear, it was rather uplifting ^o^

It was fun playing with optical illusions :3 Every time I bike past this place, I think to myself I want to do this!

After this picture, Taiga demonstrates her displeasure by almost falling into some dirt ^^;;;

So that concluded the little outing! I have to wash the jacket soon ^^; (it was a 2nd hand purchase from a doll meet last year I think?)

Thanks for looking!

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