Arietta Project eyes – custom

I have made a post about a couple pair of Arietta Project eyes not long ago, and after some thinking I decided to contact them to see if they would consider helping me make some custom eyes.

Below Taiga, tsun head in 24 mm eyes ^^/

Luckily for me Taiga, they agreed to help me make them (at a cost of course ^^;), This post is not sponsored ^o^;!  I’m just kinda crazy about Taiga ^^;;;

I also provided the image which I drew with reference to some images of Taiga Aisaka I searched online. In order to make sure I got the right size, based off my first order, I decided to order 22mm and 24 mm. Thankfully I did!

Here’s my honest review: Due to the hand made nature of the resin eyes, I noticed there is definitely slight differences per eye, but when the eyes are secured in the head, it doesn’t really matter. Also I think the surface is not entirely smooth – if you touch the surface of the with your fingers you can feel it?  But the eyes are glossy enough that the “bumps” doesn’t show? I really like the white of the eyes, they are very bright and white, and the low dome makes the decal inside show well. Overall I am pleased with the eyes and hope Arietta project continue their good work. ^^/

Note, tsundere explained on Wikipedia for those who are not familiar. and also Yandere

Below Taiga is wearing the 22 mm in the tsun head, I think it’s a little small, and makes her look extra angry when showing so much eye whites ^o^;

Thankfully 24 mm looks much better! :)


Favorite head/eyes combi definitely tsun + 24 mm ^o^!

Then I tried the 22 mm eyes on Taiga’s dere head and liked it much better too! ^^

Another shot of the 22mm on dere head.

I also tried the 24mm eyes on dere head, but… I think it gives Taiga a Yandere feel…. (don’t hurt me Taiga!)


Took Taiga out to a micro mini quick and dirty meet with Archangeli ^o^



I think I might have taken some photos on my camera too ^^; will post or add them later ^^/

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  1. Yukishiteru
    Yukishiteru says:

    You’re awesssoommee.. QooooQ
    amazed* OvQ

    How did ya made those head and bodies and etc.?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hello! Thanks for your kind words :) I bought the head from volks to customise ^^ the body usually is default pieces, I got it one year when visiting japan :)

  2. Heather
    Heather says:

    Agreed, the larger eyes look great! This reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear and make some custom eyes of my own.

    Your Taiga is always one of my favorite gals to see :)

  3. Annie Robichaud
    Annie Robichaud says:

    Yep ! I love the 24mm !! Those eyes are really perfect . I ordered some too and I am really impressed by the quality . You Taiga will always be one of my favourite doll ever !!

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