Saya blossom hunting in Steveston

Since the blossoms usually only last about a week, weather pending, when I had to head out on my bike to run some errands on a nice afternoon, I decided to take Saya out along with me for a photo shoot ^o^

I am preparing some new items along with the need to get ready some items for the up coming Anime Revolution and Blythe con Seattle, so I haven’t really been making new things for my girls, so I mix and matched some past sewing to make the outfit in this photo series. :)

Was very pleased to find the white and pink blossoms ^O^ They are very fluffy and looks lovely against the blue sky!

The forecast for this week was supposed to be rainy all week… so we were pleasantly surprised when it got nice and warm ^^

Walked about a bit more and found this quiet spot! Balanced Saya on the grass with a stand :P

She looks like she’s starting to walk around XD

Don’t wander too far away! :P

So sweet :) she looks like Aki’s oneesan :P

She found some white daisies on the ground :3

^o^ Doll size!

I wish these daisies are around all year, but when it gets warmer they dry off ^^;

Found another patch with many more daisies and decided to sit Saya down next to them :)

Having the sun from an angle lights up her face well :)

I hope these trees will grow bigger ^O^


Thanks for looking!