Miruya Wig

Would you believe me if I say I didn’t intend to buy another wig so soon? ^^;

Aki made me… ^^;

I am glad I did tho, cos I think Aki finally found her permanent look! ^o^

I must admit I was looking around, as Aki seems to keep borrowing Nyanko’s wig and Nyanko’s getting unhappy >_<; … and then I came across this wig style being listed on Yahoo japan and realised it was on Miruya as well! :D

The exact same wig as what Aki is wearing is WG113-cream

I was hoping to find a colour similar to Nyanko’s hair, but Aki looks good in most colour wig I think ^^

I’ll have to take a picture of Nyanko trying this wig out, I think she’ll look nice in it too :D

A freebie was included in the package~! Thanks Miruya!

Please note  — I use Chrome to browse Miruya and it automatically translates the pages to english ^^/

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  1. Shigematsu
    Shigematsu says:

    I like that wig alot! It really fits Aki, it gives this natural feeling like she was meant to wear that wig.

    I like how Miruya ships overseas too, it’s a pleasant surpise from what I’m used too. What was the shipping cost overseas like?

    I recently bought a wig from Volks, the 092D Super Long Natural and I had mixed feelings with it, it looks nice, but because the wig is as tall as my Dollfie, I found it hard to control and it got tangled at the slightest movement of her. I expected it to be long.. just not that long o_o; then again it was called Super Long ^^; Though it does give off a nice Heian Japan feel to her, so pairing that wig with a period dress will look really good.

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehe you remind me I should try to have the similar type wigs side by side for comparison! ^o^! This is definitely a pretty decent buy :D

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