Bikini season!

2016 April 27: Thank you everyone who purchased something, I will be working on orders in this 2 weeks!  Those who only ordered one item may get their orders shipped out sooner.  (Sorry for the wait!) Bikinis pre-order listing will be posted randomly, if you missed something you can also e-mail me at puppy52 at gmail.
Most updated information will be on my twitter @puppy52

Usually I only make bikinis meant for L bust — I feel they look the best, the bikini for L bust will have more coverage on Smart doll M bust.

This time I have listed a bikini meant for Smart doll default S-bust (but will also fit Smart doll M-bust) it will fit Dollfie dream M-bust too ^^

See below Mirai Smart doll in S-bust ^^

The same bikini can fit Smart doll M-bust too, but the underbust will show ^o^;

Another shot of the Bikini for Smart doll S-bust (or DD M-bust) on Smart doll M-bust, if you look carefully the M-bust’s cleavage is not as pronounced as the cleavage on L-bust ^^/

I will probably make a listing for the Teal (or Miku green) and white striped bikini for S bust eventually! (Sorry no photos yet so I haven’t put a listing) So far below is the L-bust version, being modeled on Mirai Smart doll L-bust ^^/

Also, a little late but I am really excited to announce that the USA bikini produced by Smart doll had been listed on the Smart doll shop – and is currently probably being restocked!  I think they did a nice job with it, I almost couldn’t tell the difference until I looked closely (LOL)! I will still make the USA flag bikini by order (while stocks/materials last) if there’s interest.  The materials I use is slightly different from Smart doll Official ones, to see my version:

I really appreciate the all kind support for my hand made work, I make them one by one, and process all the orders myself in between my other work. THANK YOU everyone for your continued support!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Hello, Sorry I don’t have SS size body so I probably won’t be able to make it — don’t know how it will fit ^o^;;

  1. Forga
    Forga says:

    Do you make special order clothes for the smart doll? Like someone could send in a drawing of an outfit and you could make it?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest, at this moment I am unable to take custom orders, unless it is like something I had already made. To make an order from scratch requires a lot of time and resources which I am unable to charge reasonable pricing. I am only one person doing everything at the moment ^^;

      • Forga
        Forga says:

        Thank you for replying so soon, I understand how it feels to be swamped with work. Again thank you for your time.

  2. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    Hello I’m a big fan of your work I love the clothes and dolls you own :) I was wondering what type of cloth do you use to make smart doll clothes ? Thank you so much if you read this :)

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hello, thank you, I usually use cotton fabric, and I tend to avoid dark colours like black and dark blue and red, since the chances of staining the vinyl skin is higher for those colours in general.

      • Melanie
        Melanie says:

        Thank you so much for reading the message I sent I’m saving up money to buy kizuna a bikini I’m not sure yet because after getting kizuna my parents don’t really want to spend more money . :) I’ll try :)

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