Blythe Con Seattle – Thank you!

Thank you everyone who came by to our little booth to say hi and those who bought something! And also those who are waiting patiently for me to finish something! (I got interrupted by some non sewing related work but will be sewing today until sometime next week — when I have to work on my illustration work, and then the cycle continues… lol) My machine has been oiled and cleaned and ready for some action! :)

Also BIG Thanks to bluestarbaby for being the most awesome travel buddy! ^o^ Had another wonderful trip with her (Thanks for driving and all the snacks and drinks! and putting up with me ^^;)

I brought my Mirai Smart Doll (manual version) as my booth babe, and she got plenty of attention XD bluestarbaby brought her cutest Momo Dollfie Dream by Volks too :3

Do check out my friend bluestarbaby’s blog entry for moar goodness from the day of the BlytheCon which I may have missed :D

We were super lucky to be vending next to super lovely and talented Parasol Doll and hellomissquito, not so lucky for my wallet tho haha! A mutual friend of ours remarked that we were swapping money ^^;;;;;;;;;;;

I was also very lucky to finally got my paws on a bubble dress I was eyeing at from Momolita san from Japan! Momolita san had a booth too, and also gave a sewing demo (Unfortunately I missed that ^^; I usually get a bit too stressed when I’m not home to do/make anything properly, so I didn’t even try to see if I can attend… But I hope in future I can attend one of her lessons!) other than that beautiful dress, I was able to get a sewing kit as well (woot!)

I Have Wings, Romina and her husband were vending too! Ah I missed out on those cute hats!


A behind the scene (Literally) XD

There were some nifty Blythe carriers available too, by bellyofawhale. The ones which holds two reminds me a little of Melissa’s back pack :P But it is made to be a side carrier, with an extra pockets on the straps! ^^

Below is Melissa (superjunk)‘s backpack (made by herself) in action during/after BlytheCon Portland :3 Really cool, I want one lol

KristineAnns booth, I was very tempted by those colourful trims… had to walk away — I HAVE TOO MUCH AT HOME lol!

One of the awesome volunteers, Devout Doll’s booth ^o^

Cool Blythe teeshirts as souvenirs ^o^

Photos4Sue Love the displays, so cool! :3

Phantom Whispers

The convention opened doors to the attendees in a few minutes so I started running LOL so my photos of some booths were blurry =_=;


Another Vendor from Japan! :D Dakawaiidolls

The lovely happibug who sold fuzzy helmets and custom dolls, and also gave a free demo on customizing ^O^

Atelier Blythe I’m liking those set up where it’s like you open a box and it’s all there, ready to be purchased XD

KittyKatDance Cute, girly frilly clothes ^o^ And in my favorite pastels haha!

Pretty Pinkachu belonging to Lovely Lauren of Happily Candied

This cutie is a kitty custom from Thailand! The owner purchased a hairband from bluestarbaby here’s her etsy: BluestarDolls and kindly let us take a photo of her cutie <3

Things started getting a bit crazy… We have a John imposter?! John is the talented designer/tailor of beautiful doll clothes on Maudib05 ^O^


Volunteer’s blythe volunteering XD

Some photos from my phone:

Walking towards the vendor area to prepare our booth!

Generous (non profit) raffle donations by super generous people!

I entered a blythe costume contest at last minute haha! I had an idea and couldn’t get it out of my head! This isn’t the full idea unfortunately but I had fun making it :) the hairband was kindly contributed by bluestarbaby XD

A really lovely lady, Meecat visited my booth with her cutest twins wearing the bib dresses I made o_o I was so happy XD And of course when she bought some clothes from my booth I was even happier XP lol


And for some photos of the Pre Meet which happened on friday at Olympic Sculpture Park you can check out this link on my flickr :)

For another detailed blog post, check out this one by kelsshark!

Also of course check out the group with on going and past news and photos on the Blythecon Seattle 2014 facebook group :) Thanks for looking!

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