Airi Dollfie Dream

So by now some of you probably had guessed, we brought a new girl home when we were in Japan… ^^; It wasn’t intentional, trust me ^^;;;

We were staying in Nakano and was dangerously close to Nakano Broadway ^^;

So we went there a few times and one of these times, a shop attendent happened to bring out a used Airi Dollfie Dream o_o; I exclaimed when I saw her and husband was asking me to tell him more about her, and he thought she’s cute too and we asked to take a look at her to check her items… She was just missing her pantsu… And for some reason a credit card was swapped and errr someone bought a Dollfie dream… ^o^;;

I guess basically what I told the husband was that Airi is an older design, a character from Queen’s Blade (a somewhat ecchi anime ^^; ) and her price listed at the shop compared to Sasara/Saber/Yuki/Rin was rather reasonable. I wasn’t too interested in the anime but I have always thought her dollfie dream face is really cute, and Airi was definitely one of my coveted dollfie dream. I guess the pressure also built up when there were more people walking around checking out all the dolls available :P

I cannot bring myself to try to hunt for Dollfie Dreams thru a shopping service on Yahoo Japan Auction at the moment ^^;; With the strong Yen against Canadian dollar, plus we have to add a middle man fee and 2 x shipping fees… so it’s probably more reasonable to adopt at the shop in Mandarake. ^^;

Airi’s wig and eyes are cute as well ^o^which is one of the main reasons why I liked her :3

When I came back to Vancouver, I had to meet a friend in downtown, so I brought Airi XD!

It was a  cold but really lovely day so I was really glad my friend convinced me to walk around for some photos! I think Airi had fun too :)

Last hint of autumn on some of the trees around, most trees are bare now ^^;

Look it that cute little mouth >.<! So cute!

Airi chan scored a cute little button as well ;)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Wolfheinrich
    Wolfheinrich says:

    Congrats on yoru new girl, Airi is definitely worth it~ Might I even suggest you go ahead and finish Queen’s Blade season 2 where Airi had a much bigger role and more defined character :3

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you XD She’s a cutie ^^;> LOL we haven’t even finished watching the first season LOL so much… pais ^^;;; overloaded XP!

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