Mmm… very short desu… lol

Approved by ahem Danny san ^^; Aki is modeling the (micro?!) mini Yukata which I revised the pattern of. Previous version I felt that the collar can be a bit wider… I like to see the zettai ryouiki so I let Aki wear the grey socks :P

In the previous version Aki is in M-bust… This new version she’s wearing it with L-bust… which made it even shorter ^^;;; This Yukata, if worn by the Dynamite body will 100% be showing the… pantsu ^^;;;;

I am very amused it is so short :P

But nothing is showing at this angle XD

Obi backview ^^/

okay fan service (pantsu) pix maybe a bit NSFW… you have been warned ^^;





Aki: Ecchi!!! >_<

x_x;;;;; Actually I had to kneel down quite low to actually see her pantsu… so :P It’s a very teasing length ^^;

I am trying to catch up with some non sewing related stuff I hope to turn out some mini yukatas before summer is over >_<

Also meanwhile I have moved some of my blythe items over to zibbet shop but I will also be fiddling with some shopping cart feature later on my site :) I will blog about it after I test it out!

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18 Responses to Mini Yukata revisited

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    i love it

  2. coffeebugg says:

    Sort Yukata is short. Maybe better fit for Taige? :3

  3. Sleepygadget says:

    LOL very cute! She’s gonna hit me with the tray for peeking!

  4. cgivisionary says:

    (giggles) That is very cute. (giggles) :D

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