Ball joint doll meet 3

A very mini doll meet :) on my last day helping at my friend’s shop ^^;

From left to right: Mouse (Lati yellow cookie), Button (Lati yellow Lami) and Sybil (Lati yellow Miel)

They look good in bigger groups huh? ^^;  But luckily I was able to stick with 2, I need to change their clothes sometime, but probably after the move ^^;! I wasn’t gonna dig my Lati Yellow dolls out, but when I had a chance to meet a DCer and her Lati bebe on my last day at work I had to lol!

Mouse and Button are mine, and Sybil belongs to kmyk ;)!

Mouse and Button are wearing the dresses made by Mai :D Mouse being sassy :P

Mokotan sneaks in for a photo

Made a new friend from having our dolls out too! XD Thanks for hanging out for a bit with us, kmyk! ^O^!

The next day I went to the One of a kind Vancouver show and sale to check it out with 2 friends, I actually forgot my SD card (oops) so I had to use my phone to take pix :P They are not very good but there are some funny ones XD So if you like you can check it out here ^^/

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  1. Dollfiegirl
    Dollfiegirl says:

    Hi chun! Beautiful dolls! I am new to the world of bjds. I just recieved my own stuff to paint a dollfie. But I wasn’t so good at it. Please read my post on It’s called ” I need help!” in the dollfie categorie!

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