Been a while since I posted anything ^^;;;;;;;;; Probably not safe for work since it involves Bikini and Carwash :P

It’s currently Autumn where we are now, and impossible to go out in a Bikini ^^; I also still have a backlog of photos from Japan earlier this year I haven’t had a chance to look through and resize… ^o^;

Nyanko was wearing an old test piece Bikini which we keep for reference ^^

I think Nyanko is one of the girls who doesn’t get enough air time ^^; Doesn’t mean I don’t adore her tho :)

Her big eyes and sweet smile is a deadly combination with her dynamite curves XD

Thanks for looking! :)

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One Response to Nyanko’s Summer part time job

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    That’s nice summer job to be.

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