Mini Mamachapp

Some of you may have known from my instagram pictures… that I finally caved and gotten myself a mini Mamachapp ^^;

She came with a bigger pink hair twin tailed Mamachapp which I was able to rehome to a local friend (thank you~!) I was really close to keep the 2nd girl too, but I already have two Mamachapps with the same face (of the same size)…

So far, she’s super cute, but I am not a fan of her 11 cm obitsu body =_= I almost lost her hand forever once when I was out as her arms and hands are especially loose ^^; Otherwise she’s small and light, easy to carry, I can easily wrap her in a hankerchief and put her in my bag/purse. Another down side about her is she’s an odd size, meaning she has no clothes ^^; I have to make them just for her >_<; BUT she’s so cute, it overrides all the bad points ^^;

I took Ebichu out when I was running errrands one afternoon despite that she’s actually not dressed warm enough I think (I’m terrible :P)

I named her Ebichu, after one of my late hamsters, and Ebichu is a character from a somewhat adult (but hilarious) anime series from ages ago :P Hmmm Ebichu wanted dessert… but I was full ^^; and it was quite pricey o_o;

Actually it warmed up a little when the sun was out :) This was around where Ebichu lost her hand lol full story here. ^^;

Thanks for looking :)

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  1. Aquilla429
    Aquilla429 says:

    These little girls are totally adorable, but I have the same issues with the body on my two, their arms and hands fall off the second I touch them! It’s made me too afraid to take them out because I don’t want to lose a part Dx

      • Michelle Chiang
        Michelle Chiang says:

        I finally got mine not long ago. Hahaha…. But was the 23cm version though. Wanted the 11cm but the price was a bit too much for me, so I decided to get myself the 23cm first. Trying to make some simple clothes for her as she is wearing my Middie’s clothes, but then is too short for her… ..heee….

        • chun
          chun says:

          Oh Yey! Well put it this way the 11 cm ones, their heads are smaller, and they are newer releases compared to the original Mamachapps hence the pricing =_=; And of course would rather not have to pay so much o_o;;;;;;;;;

  2. Heather / you_were_almost_right
    Heather / you_were_almost_right says:

    She’s sooo cute… but then, I might be biased XD

    I’ve ordered Picco Neemo bodies to try out with her, so I’ll post pics whenever they finally come in stock and get here -_-

    For clothes, the Kelly clothes I have fit her quite well (Kelly being Barbie’s youngest sister?) So you can always try those too!

    • chun
      chun says:

      haha! :D Look forward to see your pictures! I was doing some googling, looks like the Picco Neemo bodies are taller than the obitsu 11? Thanks for the heads up, :) I should keep a look out the next time I am near a toys r us lol!

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