Tutorial: Halloween Paper Hand Puppets

Wow time flies, it’s Halloween already! I still recall the first Halloween tutorial post which was inspired by puchicollective. :) This year, I have a simple one to share too!

For this small tutorial, you will need to have access to a colour printer (preferably), paper, scissors and craft glue or double sided tape.

This template will fit blythes, Licca and dolls with similar sized hands.

1) Save this template onto your computer, and print it out using a picture editing program.

2) I included a blank outline version so for those who only have a black and white printer can choose to apply their own colours. For this demonstration I will only make 2 hand puppets from the printed colour versions, if you have coloured the other 2 images you can make all 4 at once. If you decided to just make 2 from the coloured version proceed to step 3.

3) Turn the print-out over and have the back facing you, and apply the adhesive (either craft glue or double sided tape) where I have it marked blue on the image as shown below. The main thing is to only glue around the part where your doll is going to stick her hand into.

4) When done applying the glue or tape, fold the glued area onto either another piece of paper, or if the printed paper you have has enough space on the side or bottom, you can fold in the direction as seen fit. Example as seen in image below.

5) When the glue is dried or if you’re using double sided tape, cut around the ghost/pumpkin, and carefully open the bottom of the puppet, and your doll is ready to rock it out with her new puppets!

You can have the hand puppets “stand” on their own as minature Halloween decorations too!

Hope you and your dolls enjoyed this little tutorial, and have another fun and safe Halloween!

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