Vivi’s little outdoors adventure

Today is another amazingly beautiful day :) This time I can’t stay out for too long so only a few quick photos of Vivi :D Vivi is wearing a beautifully made sweater by Betsyjean79 Blythe Knits! I like how some blythe clothing gives Mamachapp (or similar sized bodied dolls) a child like look :D

Vivi kawaii!

Back home in 5 mins ^^; Ginny is a bit annoyed I only took Vivi out this time :P But yesterday I took a lot of very cool pix, and I went further out (due to necessity lol) ^^; Ginny’s wearing a cuuuuuuuuute beat hat which is a stock outfit piece from one of my petite blythe :) Forgot to mention, Vivi is wearing a lovely blythe knit from WoollyRockers :D

Okie more next time :D Hope you enjoyed the few photos ^^;/