Big eyed girl

Meet Himitsu ^^; she arrived not too long ago (very quick shipping from volks international – which I am not complaining about) I couldn’t wait and gave her a quick face up ^^; I may redo it in future as I am not 100% happy with it, and I am also considering sanding her cheeks a bit ^^;

I really like her big eyes ^o^ She’s gonna be using the M-bust body tho ^^;

Also need to gloss her lips for a shinier look :3

hmmm can do better on the eyebrows ^^; One thing I must say tho,  I read somewhere that the head cap for this head was difficult to put on so I did the modification as stated in step 11 at this tutorial.

Of course, gotta have Taiga in for a group shot :P will try to take pictures if/when I have daylight ^^;

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  1. mai
    mai says:

    ahahahaha XD! Cute 4 sisters!! now you can start a lingerie line with different bust sizes! lol
    by the way, are their heads also made of soft vinyl? You can sand it (customize it)? very interesting!!! XD

    • chun
      chun says:

      LOL! I think there’s already lingerie lines out there XD! I hope I can figure out bust sizes, and yes their heads are soft vinyl :) they can be sanded and carved :)

  2. Kotetsu-chan
    Kotetsu-chan says:

    Welcome Himitsu. Wow, what great group photos! ^_^ I need to take some more photos soon myself. Lol, wrong ‘eyes’ FatB.

  3. ResearcheDD
    ResearcheDD says:

    I love the new addition and the adorbale family photo! I cannot wait to see what you do to Himitsu :)

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