Meow… Cat themed items preorders

2014 May 21th: Some packages are shipped, working on the rest of the orders :) thanks everyone for waiting patiently!

2014 May 10th: [PREORDER closed], I am currently working on filling the orders. I will e-mail when the items are packed to be shipped :) Thanks everyone!

Please follow my twitter @puppy52 for the most immediate  news :)

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Happy Twin Tail Day!

Found out that 2nd February is apparently Twin Tail Day? I have somewhat long hair and I personally like tying twin tail time to time, but I can’t pull it off as cute as Airi tho XD

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Shop news: Medium blue rolled hem shorts

20 Nov 2013: Items are shipped :)

I had been meaning to prepare these for summer but ermmm it’s already winter ^^;;;

These shorts can be worn with thigh high socks tho XD I will randomly list on the webshop~! Please follow me on twitter for the most immediate update :)  Read more

Happy Halloween 2013!

This year I didn’t attend the local Halloween doll meet, currently quite a bit of things going on in the household, so haven’t really been taking much photos let alone going through back log of photos etc… ^^; Didn’t make a new outfit either, but re-dress Paw chan quickly in the Witch outfit I made last year!

At Hololo san‘s kind encouragement I also did some editing to the photos I took quickly during lunch time ^^;/

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