Shop news: Medium blue rolled hem shorts

20 Nov 2013: Items are shipped :)

I had been meaning to prepare these for summer but ermmm it’s already winter ^^;;;

These shorts can be worn with thigh high socks tho XD I will randomly list on the webshop~! Please follow me on twitter for the most immediate update :) 

Thanks everyone who made a preorder for the Dynamite shorts during the last update, I hope your girls enjoy them! I hope to open pre-order for specific items again sometime next year ^^;;  Mainly due to that the holiday season usually mean I have a bit less time to sew, and currently I have some things I need to prioritize… >_<;/ But I decided that I will at least randomly list items which I have a chance to make!

My poor neglected Mirai Yukino nyan :P

Hopefully the colour comes out okay on your computer ^^;/

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    • chun
      chun says:

      I only had two pieces which are ready and I thought I should sell them first lol I wish these suckers doesn’t take me such a long time to make per pair XP

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