ETA: a few photos of Taiga with a hair cut a bit shorter ^^;

Taiga has been feeling a bit neglected these days, I feel kinda bad ^^; So over the weekend when we were re-watching a couple of episodes  Toradora! I decided to take some time make something exclusively for her :)

So there’s a few things I may change if I ever spare time to do it again ^^; Skirt needs to be in a darker colour… the pleats are a bit messed up as she was on a stand with the holder on her leg under her skirt over the weekend after I completed it ^^;

Probably line inside of the red jacket with red instead of white…

Need to sew some white buttons on her white blouse too lol

Lookie, no stand! :3

Decided to trim her hair a bit as after a re-watch of a few episodes, realised her wig was too long ^^; Probably still need a little bit of styling and/or trimming but will leave it like this for now :)

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30 Responses to Taiga back to school

  1. whandoodleys says:

    Hey :D

    Wow, she looks so much more Taiga-ish after her haircut! Really cute uniform too ^^

  2. Now you have the perfect Taiga MDD ^^/
    I’m jealous! xD

  3. Smithy says:

    Taiga! ^^ She looks so cute in that “Toradora!” style uniform, nice work!

  4. coffeebugg says:

    Making up for a lot of missed quality time with Taiga eh.

  5. Pinkwing11 says:

    Soo Cute ^^ Taiga seems to like the outfit too :)

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