Dollfie Dream Bikini 3

Ah, felt like I haven’t taken DD photos for a bit ^^; Especially need to take more of Aki before the day(daylight) gets shorter ^^;

It’s Autumn here already but it feels like I want to make some bikini despite that, DDs can always wear bikinis when going for a holiday in a tropical country no? ;D

Feeling bad that Aki hasn’t gotten much air time since arrival ^^;

Sometimes I think Aki gives me a little of Tamaki vibe, but I think she’s more beautiful XD (Tamaki is more mischievious)

Her hair seems to have a few different shades in person, but it is hard to capture in photographs ^^;

Her dark hair, eyes, and sweet smile gives her an innocent feeling no?

So sweet XD

Aki is learning to twist my finger to get what she wants tho… ^^; I take a pause from what I was doing to make this for her ^^;

Is she a schemer?

Slowly catching up with some sewing work ^^; The bikini on Nyanko is currently being made for someone – before I stopped taking commission (oops) ^^;  The pattern has since been tweaked a bit, I am still working on the bottom >_<;

Nyan! Really like Nyanko in bikini ^o^

Nyanko is feeling cattier than usual ever since Aki arrives…

I’m glad dollfie dreams are not afraid of cold :P

Bikini bottom, needs to be tweaked (this one, some stitches are wonky =_=)

Kawaii and sexy rawr

Obligatory docking pix :P

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. coffeebugg
    coffeebugg says:

    Shima-kini, Kawaii!! shima, shima, shima, shima, shima, shima, shima, shima, shima-spam!
    Asymmetrical docking? Aki might get breast envy. I didn’t know Aki is S-bust. I would’ve gotten her has I known. T-T.

    • chun
      chun says:

      shimapais? ^^;;; lol

      Aki is actually quite confident… I’m not sure if I will investigate in larger pais for her just yet ^^; but hey the squished pais for DDII… lol I wonder if it will become more easily available when we’re ready ^^; Aki is M-bust ^^; NOT S-bust :P

  2. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Very nice! Love the styling of these two bikinis (personal preference of this style over the previous models made).

    Your Aki and Nyanko are such cuties! Aki seems like an innocent and benign girl, but don’t let it fool you! My DD Shizuko is like that and she’ll twist you around her finger to get what she wants! XD

    Love the poses you used in several photos. Nice work.

    • chun
      chun says:

      I cannot decide if this style is more tedious to make than the other actually lol due to the small strips I have to hand stitch some parts together before I machine sew so it takes longer to make >_< the other one I hated hand sewing the hooks and loops (for the fastening at the back XD) But yes, Aki can be a dangerous innocent girl LOL Glad you like the poses ^o^!

  3. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    When I saw that pic on twitter I thought it was a pair of string panties because of the blue stripes. I didn’t expect the two piece bikini. I’m beginning to think a bikini doesn’t look to bad on the smaller busts after all.

    • chun
      chun says:

      XD I wish I have lighter blue/smaller stripes to make actual DD shimapans ^^; I have a few more ideas which I hope to finish up ^o^!

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