Testing a out cotton fabric and thread, the pants is also “payment” for Nyanko who worked hard to model my recent sewings :)

Please note, for this pair of pants, I am still testing to see if there might be staining issues, so I am not likely selling until I am more sure of how it does.

The fabric used is cotton, not denim. I like how the colour goes with the orange thread :) The cotton fabric is the same type used for the first attempt, which I found out the black thread(not the cotton) actually stains DD ^^; So to be safe, Nyanko is bravely testing it out…

Another thing I noticed is that this dark fabric tends to attract lint (even after a wash)! Need to do a sticky roller treatment ^^;;

Otsukaresama Nyanko~!

On monday, a couple hand worked headbands came in the mail from hello buraisu, thank you Jenny~!  I wanted to get some of the headbands for my DD girls for a while now, and we’re pleased that they fit okay, had to tuck it behind the ears but it’s nice and sturdy ^o^

Below is the clear blue with sparkles…

Opaque red, a bit thicker.

Ja mata nyan~!

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19 Responses to Pants for the Dynamite body 5

  1. Arayden says:

    Nice orange thread cutting there :D

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Pants are looking nice I hope everything works out and there is no staining. Headbands look nice, I thing I might track down some myself in the future.

  3. Smithy says:

    Those are looking nice. ^^
    Not sure about the orange thread though. ^^;;

    • chun says:

      too obnoxious? LOL I kinda like it, I have seen human jeans with red top stitching, but red is a staining hazard =_=; I don’t dare to try it >_<

  4. polty says:

    ohh ! great fit ! love the 2nd and 3rd last photo ~

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