balldylox requested for Nyanko to wear the lovely wings I have, and I kinda wanted Nyanko to have something like a lingerie to wear with the wings, so I had to find time to work on it first… Today I had some time to test sew a pair of bottom (which still need tweaking) and here we have some quick shots taken before the sun went down super quickly ^^;

I have to apologise I am unable to make it in time to have anything Valentine specific to sell this year, I feel like I missed winter as well… I THINK I should maybe design and sew early for next year instead perhaps :P

Do you buy seasonal related clothes for your Dolls? Or do you not really care when to buy what? :) Lemme know!

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17 Responses to Sexy cupid

  1. Smithy says:

    Amazing! Love the sensual look Nyanko has there. Yet thanks to the pink tones and angel feathers it still retains enough aura of cute innocence and not seem too aggressive or vulgar.

    Nyanko is simply ♥

  2. Heather says:

    I love the outfit, love the wig and love the heart necklace!!!!!

  3. Innocentsake says:

    Nyanko is so lovely in this outfit, especially with those wings! Should you put something like this up for sale I’ll have to try and snatch it up quick :D I love the little bow in the middle of the top, so cute!

  4. Meowerson says:

    I find that i feel bad for my girl if she’s not dressed appropriately for the weather ^^;
    if it’s cold and she’s in a short skirt and t-shirt i’ll pop a jacket on her or completely change what she’s wearing. But where i live, each day the weather goes from one extreme to the next so i’m not really much help :P

  5. Altsune says:

    Oh! Those wings look lovely ^^
    I can’t quite afford to keep up with the holidays, but I did buy a winter and summer outfit for my Elsa :3
    If money allows, I wouldn’t mind buying many different outfits though!

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