Taiga Aisaka goes out 6 – Richmond Oval at night

Almost forgot that I have this bunch of photos on backlog ^^; I wa hesitating about taking her out at night as a lot of my photos of dolls taken at night does not always turn out very well.

But I decided to take her at the last moment, and I am glad I did, despite that I had to take a lot of photos and only have some which is semi decent ^^;

There’s not much people around us so I feel a bit more willing to walk further away from her to take photos, resulting in photos which make her look smaller than she looks :P

She’s about 38 cm tall

The Richmond Oval is very brightly lit at night, so that definitely helps with photo taking ^^

I think these loops are meant for parking bicycles but they made for very interesting shots ^^

Lighting bokeh ^o^

I know her pose looks kinda stiff here, but she look so adorable and tiny!

Yes she fell ^^;

Being a trooper, she got up and gave me another great pose!

Posted a few other slightly different pix on figure.fm :)

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Taiga, Taiga, Taiga, one would think that it might get boring after a while but nope, still like her. Now that you mentioned it I can’t help but realize how small Taiga is. I wonder when I will be brave enough to take Nanoha out to take photos like these. That aside, keep them coming, and hopefully someday I’ll get to see Taiga in her school uniform out in the world.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Oh I hope you’ll eventually take your Nanoha out! It’s very rewarding in that sense, you may find that you’ll be focusing on having her stand securely than the people who might be looking around you ^o^; As for school uniform I’ll have to make sure I can make something which won’t stain before I think about making it ^^;

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hehe probably cos the sweater looks very soft and warm huh? :) The ironic thing is it’s actually a bit see thru LOL which was why she has to wear jumper over ^^;

  2. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    Taiga brings a small fragile presence in these shots 0_0;

    Hmmm i won’t risk having to let them drop down too often though. Haven’t really found a nice stand for them though, other than the one that holds them at their waist :X

    • chun
      chun says:

      I usually catch her before she face plant :P I definitely wouldn’t risk it if she were resin tho! The latter is a lot more fragile ^^; And yes good stands are tricky!

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