Lucky enough to catch Danny choo and waifu when they came back from AFA and bonus, dans of Thumbnail of Life when he realised we were in town via twitter ^^;

Just before nomnoms~ XD

Thanks again for meeting with us, we cannot express how grateful we are! And thanks dans for hanging out and answering a lot of our questions lol!

dans’ cute Danbos XD

Aki finally met Danny’s Yuki chan ^o^

Taiga chan came along too but she’s been a bit neglected ^^;;;

She made a new friend tho XD

Ahhhh after so many years finally got to meet this cutie in person (unfortunately I forgot her name LOL)

Sassy Aoi chan <3 I got a photo of the rest of the girls but they were feeling warm so were dressed very little LOL

Kawaii Gumako <3 mmm likely gonna cave and get if I see her ^^; (Missed the boat during her preorder)

Mysterious boxes

Aki checking out some lovely pais

Aki wants to take Gumako chan home :P

Got to touch peach pai… much softer than expected LOL!

Sorry about the strange colours, was messing with white balance and erm didn’t work like intended XD

pais punipuni~

Some one checking out his future camera… XD

lovely Yuki <3

Highlight, got to watch Culture Japan live on TV, in actual Cuture Japan headquaters ;D

Ahem ahem

I has a picture with Danny in it but danny was shy about his hair and the one I had with him in it… he has a towel on his head like he just got out of onsen, so…. I post this photo which we loled at when we looked at it cos it looks a lot like a very nice family photo XD! (okok I want to post it cos I think I look nice in it HAHAHA Jay san <3!)

omake: raiding Danny’s office

Mirai seifuku get a small refresh, replaced the front cover thingie which was missing XD and skirt was updated (made it higher waisted so it won’t shift around as much ^^

Thanks for reading and do check out my husband’s broggu for moar photos in Japan :D

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16 Responses to Culture Japan Headquarters

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  2. hesedetang says:

    LOL at the mousepads on the desk XD Omg… XD

  3. dans says:

    Hmmm… peach pai.. the softness… XD

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