New Doll?

Not mine haha! Lightning Sabre brought his spanking new Meiko Dollfie Dream for a visit :3

Beautiful face up on an SQlabs head done by Navci of 2 of Hearts :)

Clothes by me ^^/ To see Aki in this outfit you can check my previous post :D

We were very lucky that the weather turned from super rainy and grey into a break of sun, despite it being super windy one point in time (It’s still blowing really hart outside, and I heard over twitter that it even hailed a bit in downtown vancouver o_o;)

I of course have to take the opportunity to take as many photos as I can XD

We found out that the headphones from volks look a bit big on SQlabs head ^^; Headphone was a birthday present from a mystery friend (XD)

I took too many photos of Meiko in this pose, with her hands touching the headphones, maybe because I was having a bad headache at the time LOL

Really in awe of the make up, even has little tiny teeth detail!

Finally different a pose lol

Fan service? ^^;

:P I was the one who thought of it, thanks to Hololo san  for inspiration LOL even tho her bosom is only M-bust XD

Thanks again Lightning Sabre for coming by XD


eeeh, a new doll?!

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