Dollfie Dream Geta

I had been meaning to try to make a pair of dollfie dream size Geta, and had bought the wood planks and sticks from Daiso last year, but only got around to making them recently. ^^;

I was trying to think how I should make them,  so this is more like a “improvise-as-I-make” type project ^^;

First I measure with the dollfie dream foot roughly the size I wanted to cut out, use a pencil to draw the lines, cut out the two pieces with a metal ruler and penknife.

I find that if we use a saw to cut, it removes too much wood when sawing, so I used a penknife and cut over and over on the top/bottom part of the wood, and then snap the wood pieces.

The edges are not 100% straight due to me snapping the pieces off, so the next step is sanding. Corners are sanded and rounded off.

Along with the plank of wood I bought, I also bought a couple long sticks of wood pieces, using a sharp penknife I measure and slowly cut it to the length I wanted to make the “teeth” at the bottom of the Geta :) I cut the teeth pieces a little longer, and then sand them to the right length ^^

Next I use a pencil to mark under the Geta pieces, and write down on the surface which will be glued together, L1 L2, and R1 R2 (L= Left, R= Right) and then using a small drill bit, drill 2 holes into the teeth pieces :D

At first I was trying to use a piece of metal wire to stick into the hole (to re-enforce the joining), then my husband said I could use toothpick, as the toothpick is soft enough to be pushed into a slightly smaller hole :D When the tooth pick sticks are pushed into the tooth piece, I place it on the under side of the plank to make a mark for drilling matching holes (do not need to drill thru the plank) — hope you get the idea ^^; This method is quite sturdy — I did not have to use glue at this stage even and the teeth stayed connected to the plank. ^^

Next step is marking the 3 points where the straps will be attached, and drill the holes. I also decided to separate the big and index toe — it was quite easy to do so with a penknife ^^; I would advice against cutting the feet if you suspect you may intend to sell your doll later tho!

Finally, I cut some strips of fabric, fold and iron the raw edges to hide it and used the strips for the straps.

I used the sharp end of a toothpick to push the strips thru the holes, make sure they work over the foot and used a low heat glue gun to secure the strips at the bottom. I couldn’t find my wood glue ^^; but the low heat glue gun worked okay, just a bit messy at the bottom ^^; I sprayed a coat of Mr. Super Clear, hopefully it will help keep the Geta in decent shape for a while :)

Completed :D

Aki Modeling the Getas ^o^

She borrowed Taiga’s obi XD

Doesn’t look too bad?

A few moar ;P

Too bad I didn’t have time to take her outside for photos ^^;

Hope you like! :3

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