My friend kindly came out to let me try some urethane eyes from Enchanted Doll Eyes on Mirin :)

I’ve always been rather curious how they look on Dollfie Dreams. The blue eyes in the photo below is Mirin’s default eyes :3 (Animetic Eyes / F Type / Bright Blue (RURI)) the other 2 are some spare eyes which my friend kindly brought out for us :)

It was quite amusing to sit around and do our doll stuff in the food court :P we got some curious stares as usual, but today was not too busy at the mall since it closes at 7 pm ^^; The brown eyes look a little big too huge I guess ^^;

Gyah the lighter colour eyes is not working out lol

Later Mirin even borrowed the eyes my friend’s doll was using ^^;

This size probably look the most normal on her it seems, on photos the colour is a little too intense for me tho!

My friend Nurie’s Sonatine (Volks super dollfie) ^^/ She looks great in the Enchanted Doll Eyes ED Eyes No. 22.

My photos does not do her justice >_<; to see a better photo of the eyes detailing please go here.

We decided to let Sonatine try out Mirin’s Animetic eyes XD

I think it suits her quite well! :D

After all those eye swapping, Mirin is glad to be back into her own eyes ^^;

Slightly random… Enjoying company of Churuya chan this morning ^^

Yoshi and LOL Ginko X3

27 Responses to Dollfie Eyes

  1. ncmaothvez says:

    Those human looking eyes just don’t seem to go well with Dollfies XD Makes them look rather scary. The animetic eyes are so much better. The dark blue eyes weren’t that bad tough.

    LOL at the last pic ^.^
    Ginko: Yo, buddy, what’s the human up to now?
    Yoshi: Sigh, you don’t even wanna know.

    • chun says:

      lol I was seriously interested to see it in person, I have seen some here and there which looks okay, could be the make up etc more suited perhaps?

      lol at furkids dialogue

  2. Nurie says:

    hohoho!!!~ i feel sorry for mirin, i think she wants to stick to her default ones LOL. sonatine is hoping to get some animetic eyes in the future LOL.. she looks very.. interesting in them! i’m really glad i showed you some eyes. im sorry they didnt work out too well though > < but anyway at least you know how round eyes would look :)

    • chun says:

      hehee well she’s back to her defaults so it’s all good :D I think Sonatine looks great in the anime eyes XD And yes I really appreciate your help, it helps me make the decision much easier :D:D *hugs*

  3. spark90 says:

    That pic of yoshi and ginko make me think….how would a DD look with cat eyes? XD

  4. milkypink says:

    yeah, the ‘normal’ eyes make Mirai look, ehm, kind of googly-eyed XD; her eyeshape is definitely more suited to the animetic style~

  5. kuraikawai says:

    Animetic eyes better for mirai, the green ones look a bit scary on her hehhee

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