My friend kindly came out to let me try some urethane eyes from Enchanted Doll Eyes on Mirin :)

I’ve always been rather curious how they look on Dollfie Dreams. The blue eyes in the photo below is Mirin’s default eyes :3 (Animetic Eyes / F Type / Bright Blue (RURI)) the other 2 are some spare eyes which my friend kindly brought out for us :)

It was quite amusing to sit around and do our doll stuff in the food court :P we got some curious stares as usual, but today was not too busy at the mall since it closes at 7 pm ^^; The brown eyes look a little big too huge I guess ^^;

Gyah the lighter colour eyes is not working out lol

Later Mirin even borrowed the eyes my friend’s doll was using ^^;

This size probably look the most normal on her it seems, on photos the colour is a little too intense for me tho!

My friend Nurie’s Sonatine (Volks super dollfie) ^^/ She looks great in the Enchanted Doll Eyes ED Eyes No. 22.

My photos does not do her justice >_<; to see a better photo of the eyes detailing please go here.

We decided to let Sonatine try out Mirin’s Animetic eyes XD

I think it suits her quite well! :D

After all those eye swapping, Mirin is glad to be back into her own eyes ^^;

Slightly random… Enjoying company of Churuya chan this morning ^^

Yoshi and LOL Ginko X3

27 Responses to Dollfie Eyes

  1. Dark normal-type eyes seem to be better in a Yukino head than lighter colored eyes. Dark blue and ultra-dark brown look good. Light eyes? OMG SCARY — MOMMY!!! I tried brown regular eyes in my Yumiko but they were lightish brown like Zetto’s “normal” eyes. So she looked…bizarre. Dark brown actually works though. In a “Mirin’s gone through the looking glass into Universe B” kind of way.

    • chun says:

      I’m a bit glad that I’m gonna stick to the animetic eyes so far, it’s cheaper, so I am glad it fits better ^^;

  2. Smithy says:

    While the animetic eyes work for Sonatine, the Enchanted Doll eyes don’t for Mirin which is due to the psychically unrealistic eye shape typical for anime style…

    The animetic F Type ones you got, it’s the 24mm size, right? Often wonder what size is best for DD’s, 22mm or 24mm… is the difference that noticeable actually?

  3. Hikaru132 says:

    Mirin is amazing as always in those animetics but the big brown ones also look pretty good!LOL those really light green ones look like something out of Higurashi! XDD I think she would look great in dark circle animetics. :P

    • chun says:

      the big brown ones kinda fill up her eyes a bit too much, it looked better in person I think, but on photos a bit strange ^^; The green one omg so damn scary lol she looked upset at me for putting it in her and taking photos o_o! I actually am not too keen on the circle animetic eyes lol

      • Okazaki-san says:

        Agreed,the green eyes looked somewhat off,but like Hikaru said,the brown eyes were also quite nice.

  4. Pinkwing11 says:

    Sounds like fun~ I personally like the animetic eyes~ but that’s just me :) And LOL the pic with the kitties great way to end a post XD

  5. OtakuDepot says:

    Yikes, I’m glad you didn’t switch your girls eyes, she looks best with the animetic blue eyes in. :D They also looked fantastic in your friends dollfie. She really reminded me of Hagumi from the ‘Honey and Clover’ anime:

    • chun says:

      I love Hagu huhu I actually made a 23cm version of Hagu cos I love her so much :P My version has purple eyes tho lol

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