Hu Hu Hu… (please excuse the photoshop job for the image below ^^;, no chance to pose them together due to poor light condition when I was done)

Some of you might find the Santa’s helpers sets in this entry kinda familar as Danny‘s lovely girls tease us from time to time by randomly appearing in them in his blog entries ^o^;

The designs of these sets may look simple, but various tests went into  them before the final one is sent out ^^;

Please note: I’m not taking anymore new commissions indefinitely, simply because sometimes commission pieces just take way too long for me to finish. Even the “regular” items if I start from scratch there’s usually a lot of testing involved before the final piece(s).   I do need to sell some other items/auction time to time so that I at least have some dough for materials/postage etc. I do however have an agreement way from before to make items for Danny’s musumes time to time, while I appreciate the interest in my works, I ask for your kind understanding m(_ _;;)m

I am working on accumulating some pieces for my artfire, which I will announce on twitter and here when they are ready!

Below we have the set Nyanko’s wearing, the parts under the red fabric is lined, and I use only white threads for most of the parts as a prevention to accidental staining. The furry fabric is quite hellish to work with, the fur tends to come off as I cut… and I have to vacuum the room after everytime I make something with it ^^;

I made a few versions of the skirt before finalizing this one, the waistband area is made to be higher as if it sits at the hips I find that it tends to get displaced easily ^^;

The waistband was initially just white cotton (like the straps on the bikini) but was requested to be changed to the fur fabric under the skirt is a white underskirt with a lace trim :3

The length of the skirt is mainly to make it easier for fan service :P  The bikini top pattern is adjusted such that it will provide more coverage and also made such that to fit the peach pai bust (larger than Dynamite bust) :)

Awesome cross legged pose lol

The second set Mirai is modelling is more like a bikini and I really liked how it turned out :) It was lucky that I was working on a pattern from before for a different bikini (the Dynamite set in this post) and the bottom was adapted from that. The top’s design is based off the one in this post with some changes. PS: that orange fabric in the previous version is evil… (did not stain when Nyanko wore for about a week, but stained when it was being worn in Japan =_=)

It’s a bit ironic, I had intended to make more bikinis this summer, but this style of bikini is actually a lot more work to finish, in the end I haven’t really made enough for sale ^^;;; I hope I can at least include a set in an auction or something in future tho >_<

The funny thing is, the red fabric (I have a test bikini made in it being worn by a spare bust) I don’t think it stains the Dollfie dream body, at least not in Canada’s climate. I have not tested any red threads on the Dollfie Dream body tho.

Mirai’s bum looks smaller than it really is in the picture below XD

The bikini top shows a little bit of the under b00b :P

Prior to knowing if the red fabric would stain or not, the bikini bottom is lined on the inside with white stretch fabric as well as the top :D

Sorry for the lack of photos these days, the sun sets around 3-4 pm in winter making it difficult to shoot anything decent ^^;

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31 Responses to Santa’s helpers

  1. coffeebugg says:

    That is just divine…

  2. Shigematsu says:

    It’s such a lovely pair of clothing. I really like the ribbons on Mirai.

    • chun says:

      Thank you! :) I’m happy that you like them :D

      • Shigematsu says:

        Out of curiousity, where do you get most of your clothing material? I just moved to Vancouver recently, so I don’t know which places I should look first.

        I want to try my hand at making some of my own clothes for my Dollfie Dream.

        • chun says:

          oh welcome to Vancouver! Depends on where you live? I live closer to richmond, so I tend to go to Fabricana, but if you’re in downtown, you can go to Dressew. Which Dollfie dream do you have? Congratulations! I hope you might come out for a doll meet sometime :)

        • Shigematsu says:

          Oh, I live around central Vancouver, so Dressew looks like it will be closer.

          I bought a DDII with a DDH-04 head, I really liked her smile. I’m thinking of buying a MDD next, not sure with what style of head yet though.

          I’ll definitely try to come to the next doll meet.

        • chun says:

          Ohhh have fun! :D are you here for work or school? Congratulations on your girl! Are you seriously sure about MDD tho, they tend to have weak knees, I would recommend looking into kips ( if you’re seriously considering ^^;

        • Shigematsu says:

          Oh, I’m here for school. Yeah, I am sure about the MDD, thank you for the link to how to install kips too, they will definitely help ^^.

        • chun says:

          Look forward to meet you and your DDs! ^o^!

  3. Spark90 says:

    Love the Santa Bikini pattern! Have you considered alternate colors for it?(the one Mirin is wearing)

  4. Miette-chan says:

    So that’s where these came from. These are pretty nice, I’m not a fan of bikini for DDs but on the Dynamite body boy do they look good. Although I must say when it comes to Christmas outfits I must say bikinis are not what come to mind.

    • chun says:

      hahaha ^^; I must agree, bikinis looks good on DDdy body :) And yeah xmas usually makes us think about bundling up ^^; a friend of mine in Australia says it’s hot over there since it’s summer now >_< so maybe it's more suitable for Australia lol

  5. Smithy says:

    These look pretty cute and quite sexy on the girls. Loving Mirai-chan’s bum! XD

    • chun says:

      hehe Thank you! and hey I loved your recent Yoko photos on flickr <3 She looks so fantastic, my girls wanna know what shampoo/hair products she use LOL!

      I was amused that Mirai's bum looked smaller in that particular photo lol

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