Mirai Suenaga Cosplay completed!

So remember the Mirai cosplay test sewing?

That version was made for M-bust, and not 100% fine tuned, so when I got the L-bust for my Yukino Mirai chan, I made another version for L-bust and included more details of the actual Mirai Seifuku (school uniform) as kindly commissioned by who else but the actual owner of Mirai Suenaga ^O^!

The final version has reached Danny safely — thank you for commissioning me to make it, it’s a pleasure and an honour!

Full view of the set as seen below, which includes blouse, skirt (with the underskirt attached), socks and skin colour pantyhose to protect against any possible staining on the body (can be used with other dark coloured outfit or socks).

I bought a couple of small white hair clips to make the “cross” clips the actual Mirai Suenaga has ^^/ (since I can’t make them ^^;)

The blouse closes in front and is fastened with dolly velcro — which is less likely to snag at fabric and hair than regular velcro. The skirt is fastened by clear snaps at the back.

Huhu… need to find time to make another set for myself to keep :P And maybe a regular blue and white seifuku huhu!

So many things to make, so little time ^^; Depending on detail of the outfit, making something like this took a few hour for blouse and skirt. Pattern making also took some hours as well. And usually the first run of the sewing is not perfect. The blouse is more complicated to make than the skirt. The fastest items to make was the socks ^^;

Shoes, wig, Yukino Dollfie Dream and L bust not included (LOL)

Nice figure desu^^;

Mirai and friends! A photo to demonstrate the scale between Dollfie Dream, Mamachapp and Figma ^^/!

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Arayden KOGs ah i see i see Good that oxy10 could remove the stains! That seems to work with some of my doll’s limbs if they get stained as well, just needed to apply it and wait ^^; Normally when I sew doll clothing I prefer not to use dark coloured fabric for that reason, unless I know for sure the fabric won’t stain ^^;

    Yukari Yakumo have interesting outfit designs ^^

  2. Arayden KOGs
    Arayden KOGs says:

    I meant that i can’t get a readily available access to other Dollfie Accessories to customise my lil’ saber chan ( Yeah.. L bust :P )

    I got real worried with the clothing dye stains. Lil’ Saber’s blue top did left a little blue mark on her collar bone but a few days with OXY10 managed to save the day. Still, can’t take chances even if there is a thin white fabric. ( The pain ).

    My first choice for a touhou x saber dollfie mix will have to Yukari Yakumo ( Touhou 7.5 + ) [ Interesting enough, DD 20 Saber Alter has the white skin/yellow eyes to work. ]

  3. KOGs
    KOGs says:

    Excellent Work :3.

    But it’s going to be darn hard to hunt for accessories to change.. :X

    Oh.. how to do a Flandre Scarlet Dollfie :p

    • chun
      chun says:

      KOGs thanks sorry didn’t understand the “darn hard to hunt for accessories to change.. :X”
      I did a quick search on Flandre Scarlet, her outfit looks doable as well lol just gotta be careful about the red fabric, since some red fabric tend to stain ^^; Other possible staining culprits are denim, black and dark fabrics. One way to check the fabric is to rub it hard with a white (cotton) fabric, or with your finger, if it stains the white fabric or your fingers it’ll likely stain the dollfie dream’s skin in the long run ^^;

  4. Halconnen
    Halconnen says:

    “Huhu… need to find time to make another set for myself to keep :P And maybe a regular blue and white seifuku huhu!” – Ero-jiji!

    Either way, fantastic work. As usual. xD

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