Taiga the donut angel

Taiga was feeling a little neglected as I was busy working my bigger Dollfie dream girls hard in preparation for the Doll Show.  When I made the teeshirts for Mai’s dolls, I noticed that the teeshirt for Mai’s Unoa will fit Taiga pretty well, so decided to let Taiga convince me to make some new tee shirts specially for her ^^;

Luckily Taiga seemed to be happy that she’s getting some attention from me, and cooperated ^^ Her pants/jeans was actually made for my resin girl’s Narae body, so it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s really tight on the bum ^^;

I should try to find time to adjust the pattern to fit her better! ^^;

The tightness of the pants helped her keep her legs straight tho lol

I posted a different tee shirt made with a polka dot material on Taiga on figure.fm here ^^/

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  1. bcotaku
    bcotaku says:

    The shirt fits Taiga very well. Maybe you could make one Tenori taiga shirt for her. But.. copyrights issue? Love Taiga’s gorgeous hair

  2. Tony Rayo
    Tony Rayo says:

    I love them! lol that donut makes me want a Krispy Creme (it kind of looks like “The Simpsons” donut too.. just needs a few sprinkles and a bite taken out of it)!

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