Taiga the donut angel

Taiga was feeling a little neglected as I was busy working my bigger Dollfie dream girls hard in preparation for the Doll Show.  When I made the teeshirts for Mai’s dolls, I noticed that the teeshirt for Mai’s Unoa will fit Taiga pretty well, so decided to let Taiga convince me to make some new tee shirts specially for her ^^;

Luckily Taiga seemed to be happy that she’s getting some attention from me, and cooperated ^^ Her pants/jeans was actually made for my resin girl’s Narae body, so it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s really tight on the bum ^^;

I should try to find time to adjust the pattern to fit her better! ^^;

The tightness of the pants helped her keep her legs straight tho lol

I posted a different tee shirt made with a polka dot material on Taiga on figure.fm here ^^/

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  1. spark90
    spark90 says:

    What a cute little outfit! Didn’t know re-ment style food accessories also come in 1/3 scale XD

  2. Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass
    Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass says:

    Yeah, fabric can actually work wonders in helping Mini Dollfie Dreams with their stability issues. A good sturdy fabric can sort of “splint” the limbs and give them more stability. It’s sort of like how muscles support the skeleton on a human body.

    I noticed that immediately with Namiko and her new unitard protective suit. Nikita made this one with really strong swimsuit spandex, and her minimal leg issues are no longer a problem. In her case it also helps her fit into MSD-sized clothes better. MDDs are too chunky to be “slim MSDs” and too skinny to be standard MSDs. I really *like* the MDD build, especially for Namiko. It fits her character well.

    Oh yeah…going to do a cosplay for her…Hit Girl from the movie “Kick-Ass.” Spite and Malice have a purple version of the wig which is now her “permanent” wig. It’s not exactly what Hit Girl wears but it would make sense for cosplay because it would look like Namiko sprayed temporary hair color into her own hair, and somehow the color change worked. (Never happens IRL except for my friend Donald who’s albino and has perfectly colorless hair. He can use the cheap spray color and look like he used actual hair dye.)

    • chun
      chun says:

      I want to make sure that the iron on doesn’t crack, and Mai is kindly looking out for it when she goes to Japan ^O^ :D

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