Nyanko’s outdoor shoot

Nyanko hasn’t have much airtime these days, so I took her out when we were out and about with relatives from out of town :)

I’ve been rather busy, so the DD clothing update is kinda delayed (doh!) Partly also due to some concerns regarding strike activities with Canadapost.

Really sorry about the delays!  I do have some DD items very very close to completion, just need to do a bunch of hand sewing >_< I leave hand sewing to the last to avoid accidents (ouch) caused by pricking my finger ^^;

We went to Deep Cove on a slightly breezy but sunny afternoon ^^

Nynako’s hat is from Nine9style :) The dress is the original test piece which the girls are keeping as “payment” for their modeling work lol it fits the DDII and DDdy so far ^^

Such a pretty girl! <3

Nice to find some partly shady spots, the light and shadow on her face is not as harsh ^^

Kawaii desuka? :D

When I was taking pictures around this area, I heard some Japanese peeps (perhaps tourists?) around us talking and I suspect I hear something along the lines of “oppai chan” I ROFLMAO inside my head lol!

A bunch of mischevious kids were diving in the background ^^; They’re not supposed to do that, according to a signboard close by ^^;

Hope you enjoyed this series of Nyanko photos :D

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  1. Spark90
    Spark90 says:

    OOoh She’s wearing a camo bikini underneath~ Nice contrast between the dark color of the bikini and the light color of the dress!

  2. Otakusan
    Otakusan says:

    here Nyanko.. come with uncle.. we go see the goldfish XD

    nice photos and the weather is beautiful in Vancouver now (>.<) we got rain these few days here (-_-)#

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