Today the postman rang the door bell a bit earlier than usual and scared the heck out of our cats… and look who‘s here! Really pleased that she arrived very quickly via amiami preorder. Had to quickly dress Aki up to model with our new get!

Some extra Aki cosplay :3

Okay I gotta get back to sewing for Blythe con ^^;/ laters!

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22 Responses to Mirai Suenaga Figma

  1. Smithy says:

    It’s an endless loop of Mirai’s! XD

    Aki looks very cute in Mirai cosplay though.

  2. Bluestarbaby says:

    The photo of Aki with the Mini-mini Mirai is suuuper cute!!!

  3. Mirai with a mini-Mirai and a micro-Mirai! Aki looking lovely in the Mirai cosplay! And I see your post is “featured” on Danny Choo lol. Nice.

  4. Otakusan says:

    Thou I’m not a fan of Mirai, Aki Mirai is still so pretty (^^)

  5. sid says:

    i forgot to ask, is aki a custom head?

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