Okay… couple Jpopdolls wigs came in on friday ^^;

I partly blame shrike900 :P cos he got me browsing and before I knew it ermmm… ^^;; BUT I am also glad I made the plunge as I think Mirai finally finally got a REAL permanent wig :P

Before I continue, I wish to share with you link to flickr photos tagged with a recent doll meet we crashed lol, I recommend reading Galamirix’s blog entry for the full experience :P

Mirai Yukino’s head is smaller than the regular Dollfie Dream heads, so a lot of the wigs I tried to get for her are not very well fitted — usually too loose ^^; So during one of the doll meets, I found out about a wig which may fit, but for some reason perhaps due to not seeing colours I like or the size I wanted is usually not in stock, I never got around buying…

When I got Pi chan, I kinda had a reason to get a size smaller wig (7-8), and thought if it doesn’t fit Mirai, Pi chan can have it. But who knew, this wig fitted Mirai perfect — kinda tight but looks great on her, problem solved!

This wig on Mirai (Yukino) is Kanawaves Carmel 7/8 on Jpopdolls.net. I’m not sure how would a 8-9 fit, but I would think 8-9 will fit the other DD with bigger heads better…


This blond wig on Pi chan is Faith Light Solid PeachBlonde 7/8. It ended up being for Pi chan as the wig is not stretchy, I even had a rather hard time pulling it over Pi chan’s head ^^;

The good thing with this wig tho is it’s very very soft and quite easy to style — I like touching it! XD I believe it is a synthetic mohair. If you want to get it for a Dollfie dream, I would advice getting the 8-9 size.

It’s quite easy to tie the hair into a pony tail too ^^

So soft, I want to touch it all the time :P It does get messy if I put her in a bag tho ^^;

There’s a tag inside which shows where this wig is from. It’s a Monique synthetic Mohair :3 you can also find it from the monique website.

Thanks for looking, and hope it helps you decide if you decide to get either of the wig :)

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25 Responses to Jpopdolls wigs

  1. Smithy says:

    That wig’s look is perfect for Mirai. ^^

  2. Miette-chan says:

    These don’t look too bad, haven’t gotten a wig for Nanoha in about a year now I think. Prices look nice too. Might give them a go. I’m used to Mirai with lighter hair.

    • chun says:

      I probably should have gotten a slightly lighter colour for Mirai, but then again her default wig was kinda like a brown wig? I kinda want to get rid of it some point in time =_= can’t stand it and won’t ever use it :P if I have spare cash in future I’d probably wanna try to find a Lighter version of the Kana waves for Mirai too… XD Their one step lighter is a bright orange red colour which is a bit too much for my preference but I supposed I could have considered the blond ish ones… (they’re out of 7/8 at the moment for that style too)

  3. coffeebugg says:

    Mirai looks fabulous. :3

  4. Both girls look WONDERFUL with their new hair. :D

  5. Galamirix says:

    Piiii-chaaaann~~ Excellent, now I know where to get that hair! I’t sooo soft! Haha and thanks for the link :P you must really liked our shinanigans!

    • chun says:

      LOL yes ^o^ Hope you might find something you like for your girls :) and yes I was very amused :P good job (esp Mari and Aoi chan) XD

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