Mokotan went out with me to collect a package kindly sent to us from Yuu chan and her Papa :)


The package was supposed to be delivered, but for some reason, it was not delivered on the day it should be — postman did not even bother ring the bell or left a slip… I got the slip the next day and had to go collect it myself… The annoying thing is the tracking info says “Item successfully delivered” when I was the one who went to pick it up… =_=

*/rant* lol

Luckily I had Strida Mini, made the trip a bit more convenient than if I had to walk or depend on the bus…

But anyways since it was a clear and sunny day took opportunity to take some pictures…

I wanted to bring a bigger girl but the lighting is kinda harsh that time of the day so I brought the small and light Mokotan instead ^^

Maybe I can make a small detachable bag or something for Mokotan to ride in the front of my bike!

Too bad I was too short to reach up and put mokotan on the top of the little light house :P

Yuu chan sent a lot of goodies ^^; My girls are so spoilt ><

Mirai testing out the new toys from her distant cousin ^^;

Eh… intruder Wanda mini hiding in Mirai’s bosom ^^;

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21 Responses to Goodies from overseas

  1. Anarchy's Waffle says:

    I love those mini dolls!
    Are the azone? I keep seeing the bodies around, but never the heads! xD
    Anyway, that was a lovely bunch of photos!

    • chun says:

      They’re not Azone, they’re a brand of dolls called Mamachapp, unfortunately the dolls are kinda difficult to buy outside of Japan, usually have to go thru a proxy to buy, even in japan it’s a bit hard to find as well… Thanks~

  2. Heather says:

    Is that the type of body they are on? Yes… I know nothing about Mamachapp…

  3. Heather says:

    PS, a new random Mamachapp question… what size shoes do I buy for them? You’re advice about Bratz clothes was spot on, btw, I bought her two outfits and they both fit perfectly…. but she came with geta shoes, and those just won’t cut it (they fall off too easy!!!)

  4. Heather says:

    Mokotan’s little strawberry dress is so cute! And those books are just adorable, and the camera is cuuuute! Your girls are very lucky!

  5. LOL LOL The frog coming out of the top is so funny! LOL Moko is so cute as usual. ☺☺

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