Mokotan went out with me to collect a package kindly sent to us from Yuu chan and her Papa :)


The package was supposed to be delivered, but for some reason, it was not delivered on the day it should be — postman did not even bother ring the bell or left a slip… I got the slip the next day and had to go collect it myself… The annoying thing is the tracking info says “Item successfully delivered” when I was the one who went to pick it up… =_=

*/rant* lol

Luckily I had Strida Mini, made the trip a bit more convenient than if I had to walk or depend on the bus…

But anyways since it was a clear and sunny day took opportunity to take some pictures…

I wanted to bring a bigger girl but the lighting is kinda harsh that time of the day so I brought the small and light Mokotan instead ^^

Maybe I can make a small detachable bag or something for Mokotan to ride in the front of my bike!

Too bad I was too short to reach up and put mokotan on the top of the little light house :P

Yuu chan sent a lot of goodies ^^; My girls are so spoilt ><

Mirai testing out the new toys from her distant cousin ^^;

Eh… intruder Wanda mini hiding in Mirai’s bosom ^^;

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21 Responses to Goodies from overseas

  1. Miette-chan says:

    That’s hilarious need to get one of those books.

  2. Yu Chann says:

    I came back home feeling fried x_x <= You went out in superhero suit again ah?

  3. Yu Chann says: Kuraikawai = Nia Chan? Spain eh…

  4. kuraikawai says:

    whahahaha, where can I get my copy of dollfie dream for dummies? xD LOL nice new stuff! and Mokotan is cute as always!! great sunny day you had xD

  5. Yu Chann says:

    lol… glad you girls like the goodies~ Have fun ya!!

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