I didn’t think I was going to get a limited order of a Dollfie Dream, but during the 2nd pre-order period in February, I got so smitten by Yuki Morikawa’s face design I HAD TO DO IT ^^; (after giving husband puppy dog face/eyes)…  And after moons of waiting… a package arrived today XD

I saw the postal van from our window and was almost pressing my face on the door ^^;  Before the post lady knocked on the door, I opened it as slowly as I could manage and said to her, “I SEE YOU!” (LOL) She chuckled and let me had my long awaited package XD. I wiped the table before putting the box on and Yoshi had to jump up and inspect when my back was turned for a second :P

This is my first direct order from Volksusa for their limited pre-order, and I really like the White Album’s box design! ^o^ Right now the box and doll is on my desk next to my lap top ^^;

Obligatory nude Dollfie Dream in box shot :P

Lifted the doll out and I see the other items ^^. I’m glad nothing was damaged as there’s no bubble wrap to hold the items in position, but I suppose with a box this big, if they stuffed bubble wrap or paper it’s gonna make it a lot heavier ^^;

Due to the long wait for her, I decided to make her something as I’m generally not a fan of the default clothing ^^;

She is definitely very beautiful, even more so in person! I am very very pleased :P

I decided to name her Aki (秋) which means for Autumn in Japanese :)

I was close to naming her Osoi LOL

Seeing how sweet she is, I decided to stick with Aki ^o^

Oh her arm sleeves are from her default outfit set ^^ her hair band was actually for blythe doll but it is small enough to fit her ^o^

With this girl finally here, I was glad that the sun came out for a bit so I can finally take a nice family photo! :)

Hopefully the other girls will be kind to Aki chan :P

I am kinda glad that I had a chance to get her before the yen and Canadian exchange rate became really bad ^^; To those who are thinking of getting her despite the cost, she’s totally worth it ;D

Before I forget, 3 copies of Otacool books arrived today! ^O^ Thank you Kotobukiya!

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42 Responses to White Album Dollfie Dream

  1. coffeebugg says:

    That part where you described you slowly opening the door somehow reminded me now of Jack Nicholson from “the shining”.

    Good thing the postal lady didn’t just drop the box and ran for her dear life.

  2. hololo says:

    congratz again, cant wait to see her new photo :)

  3. OtakuDepot says:

    Congrats on the new girl!!! I love that 50’s style outfit you made for her. So cute.

  4. Smithy says:

    Congrats! Happy to see your Yuki finally arrived.
    She’s looking very very cute in that outfit as Aki. ^^

  5. Ex14 says:

    I love the name! haha suits her very well i feel ^^

    congratz on a gorgeous new daughter!

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