I didn’t think I was going to get a limited order of a Dollfie Dream, but during the 2nd pre-order period in February, I got so smitten by Yuki Morikawa’s face design I HAD TO DO IT ^^; (after giving husband puppy dog face/eyes)…  And after moons of waiting… a package arrived today XD

I saw the postal van from our window and was almost pressing my face on the door ^^;  Before the post lady knocked on the door, I opened it as slowly as I could manage and said to her, “I SEE YOU!” (LOL) She chuckled and let me had my long awaited package XD. I wiped the table before putting the box on and Yoshi had to jump up and inspect when my back was turned for a second :P

This is my first direct order from Volksusa for their limited pre-order, and I really like the White Album’s box design! ^o^ Right now the box and doll is on my desk next to my lap top ^^;

Obligatory nude Dollfie Dream in box shot :P

Lifted the doll out and I see the other items ^^. I’m glad nothing was damaged as there’s no bubble wrap to hold the items in position, but I suppose with a box this big, if they stuffed bubble wrap or paper it’s gonna make it a lot heavier ^^;

Due to the long wait for her, I decided to make her something as I’m generally not a fan of the default clothing ^^;

She is definitely very beautiful, even more so in person! I am very very pleased :P

I decided to name her Aki (秋) which means for Autumn in Japanese :)

I was close to naming her Osoi LOL

Seeing how sweet she is, I decided to stick with Aki ^o^

Oh her arm sleeves are from her default outfit set ^^ her hair band was actually for blythe doll but it is small enough to fit her ^o^

With this girl finally here, I was glad that the sun came out for a bit so I can finally take a nice family photo! :)

Hopefully the other girls will be kind to Aki chan :P

I am kinda glad that I had a chance to get her before the yen and Canadian exchange rate became really bad ^^; To those who are thinking of getting her despite the cost, she’s totally worth it ;D

Before I forget, 3 copies of Otacool books arrived today! ^O^ Thank you Kotobukiya!

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42 Responses to White Album Dollfie Dream

  1. Daisy says:

    Congrates~! She’s really beautiful~ love the dress you made =D

  2. Okazaki-san says:

    From Yuki(snow) to Aki(autumn) huh?Looks like we’ll be seeing a difference in personality from the original.

  3. Miette-chan says:

    Ah no wonder you were staking out the post today. Yuki is quite nice she is one the DDs I would consider getting myself if I hadn’t gotten Nanoha.

  4. mori.m says:

    Congrats on the new family member. she is so sweet looking *blinks*
    aki is a nice name, much better than “osoi” lol XD
    have fun~

    • chun says:

      Thank you :D She is very sweet, I really like her ^o^ seeing her in person is even better! ^o^! LOL I guess I was teasing her in my head with Osoi since it took her so long to get to me! :P

  5. PrettyCranium says:

    She’s amazing. I love the outfit, too. My DDs are jealous!

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