The tank top version I made for DDdy body is a bit loose for the regular M bust body, so I adjusted the pattern a bit, may have made it a smidge tighter than I should so will probably adjust it a little bit ^^ Right now since it’s so figure hugging it clings to show the area where there the bust and torso separates.

Himitsu is my M-bust model heehee

Sisterly love ^^;

Will likely post some later when ready kuku…

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18 Responses to Tank top

  1. Smithy says:

    They’re looking cute. Looks great in tank top style. ^^

  2. PrettyCranium says:

    These are so amazing! They are really fantastic. Will you be selling these as well?

  3. aquilla429 says:

    I love the picture 3rd from last woth her holding her skirt. She looks so feminine <3 Love the tank tops too, I practically live in tank tops through the summer while it's hot. They are a lifesaver. It's cute to see the same fashion on dd.

  4. spark90 says:

    very awesome! I bet that would work well with the office lady coat and skirt!

  5. MacaronTea says:

    The flutter edge on the shoulder strap is such a lovely. touch. ^_^

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